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Trends in Luxury Bathroom Remodel this Year, and Beyond

Across the globe, luxury bathrooms are trending. Home bathing spaces are becoming more luxurious, spacious, glittering and bold, with every passing day. After all, it is a place of relaxation and refreshment at home that ought to be made and designed in a way to soothe the senses, after a hectic day of work. And, there are some ‘genuine’ remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, CA, that help homes in this city have a premium hotel suite like bathroom that is an embodiment of luxury and style.

What is a Luxury Bathroom Design?

You need to understand here, what makes a luxury bathroom different from a sub-standard one. Well, a luxury bathing area tends to be amply spacious, well-ventilated, illuminated with ambient lighting and furnished with ultra premium materials, like marble, granite, quartz, tiles, glass, chrome and wood. Nothing like cheap ‘plastic’ or fibreglass. Space is always a deciding factor, as that provides ample room to maneuver easily and install new bath fixtures, hardware and fittings. It can be in the form of a plush looking toilet, a glass shower enclosure, a natural stone bath-tub or a mini Jacuzzi.

Many luxury bathrooms have large windows with blinds and curtains, instead of frosted glass panes and wall partitions. You need to tell your local contractor, as to how you want to remodel your bathroom in Los Angeles, CA, by incorporating all these solemn aspects and new trends. Everything from space to hardware, needs to be grand.

Sinks & Wash Basins

In a luxury bathroom, a sink can be a work of art in stone or glass. You can choose between vessel sinks and freestanding tubs. They can be in the form of large glass bowls or sinks made of natural stone. And, along with a designer faucet or tapware, a console sin can look stunning in a bathroom.

Classic Vanities

You can go for installing floating vanities on the wall, as it helps save a lot of floor space.

LED Lit Mirrors

Stylish looking LED lit mirrors in round, oval or square shape can be a great addition to your bathrooms, as that brings about a contemporary feel and vibe to a space.

Freestanding Bath-Tubs

Both freestanding and permanent bath-tubs can be a great idea for a spacious bathroom that needs ‘value addition’. Along with a shower, a freestanding bath-tub gives a distinct identity to a bathing area at home.

Tub Placement

Well, you can go ahead by placing the bath-tub in the middle of the bathroom to provide a bold and open look, or place it on any of the sides, against the wall. It can also be placed in one of the corners to help in the free movement of the user, from the bath to the shower or to the toilet.

Glass Showers & Enclosures

Luxury chrome & steel showers with glass enclosures and white Italian marble flooring, looks absolutely gorgeous and luxurious for any home interior. In this case, your bathroom.

Hi-Tech Toilets

It definitely adds to the style, modernity and aesthetic appeal of a bathing space that was long desiring a complete makeover, both in terms of style and functionality. And, a designer toilet can add to that aesthetic value of a decent bathroom.

Surface Materials

A lot of other surface materials like vitrified wall tiles, marble flooring, granite & quartz countertops, wooden cabinets, shelves, drawers and laminate or porcelain surface add to the glitter and shine. And, homes that want a luxurious appeal for their bathrooms, always installs such premium quality materials, to look even more royal and grand. Such surfaces produce a sophisticated appeal to any home interiors.

So, when you go about incorporating all these stellar features, aspects and hardware in your home bathroom, it has an eye-catching, head turning and jaw dropping effect on your guests. And, only the premier Los Angeles general contractors and bathroom remodelers are able to deliver such high-value renovation projects.